Bradley A. Leger Consulting, LLC
Spiritual Director
Retreat Facilitator
Social Justice Advocate
International Development Consultant

Let's take this journey together!
First and foremost, Dr. Bradley Leger is an educator and bridge builder whose work is infused with a deep understanding of and passion for social justice. An experienced public speaker, workshop presenter, and event planner, he also brings a successful track record of classroom teaching experiences and leadership development from the high school and university-levels, working with and mentoring people from the United States and overseas in their respective journeys as they seek to find their rightful and productive places in today’s society. In order to address these matters, he brings a unique combination of skills and experience and offers services to individuals, educational entities, corporations, non-profits, and the larger community.
Spiritual direction, individually-directed and group retreats.
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​Corporate diversity/equity and leadership training, youth leadership development, community development.
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​International development.
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